Farm mapping is an integral part of the Grasshopper grass-management system. The mapping feature can map paddocks on up to three grazing platforms. Paddocks can be added or deleted by the user to suit changes at any point.

Your mapped paddocks may be exported for conversion to PDF files for other uses. A full rotation planner on a wall mounting whiteboard can also be made from the farm map.

The mapping function calculates the correct paddock area in square meters (ha) and stores it with the paddock name as part of the farm map.  Maps in Grasshopper are created using the on-board GPS engine and tagged using standard GIS ‘real world coordinates’.  Each time the paddock is walked it can be identified using your Grasshopper’s geo position to bring up the paddock map on the screen.

I have already had the farm mapped - does it need to be done again?
In all likelihood you have a paper map of your farm which does not have real world coordinates embedded in a format that can be used electronically.  It therefore is necessary to create a map with embedded coordinates using the mapping function in Grasshopper.  Your new farm map is output in the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system which is an X,Y number in meters.

Can a Grasshopper Map be used for other functions?
As all Grasshopper maps are in standard GIS format, any other system will accept the Grasshopper format or be able to translate the Grasshopper format to it’s native format.

Can I print the Farm Map?
You can create a graphic image from the Farm Map by sending your file to us for processing.  We can return you pdf of your farm map.  We can also print it as a rotation planner and mounted on whiteboard and sent to your farm - for a fee.

farm mapping TrueNorth Technologies


farm mapping TrueNorth Technologies



Systems designed for your farm

The Grasshopper grass measurement system consists of the Grasshopper Sensor, Rising Plate, Sampling Button and the Map & Measure App for Android and iOS devices. We take orders for the system following an obligation-free, on-farm demo on your farm.

Requests for demos to discussion groups can be booked here.

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